CAS Journal
November 1994
Volume 2, No. 6 (Series II)

Table of Contents

1 - Anomalus Low-pitched Tones from a Bowed Violin String by Roger J. Hanson, Andrew J. Schneider, Frederick W. Halgedahl

8 - Wave Analysis of a String Bowed to Anomalous Low Frequencies by Knut Guettler

15 - Static Deformation Measurements on Violins by Optical TV-holography by Andreas Langhoff, Mauro Facchini, Paolo Zanetta

20 - Shear Modulus of Tonewood by John E. McLennan

24 - Experiments with Transient Waves in a Violin Bridge by B. Lindberg, L.-E. Lindgren, N.-E. Molin, E.V. Jansson

28 - Do Violin Makers Need Theorems? by Richard Sacksteder


33 - Discussion of "The Effect of the Musical Key on Perceived Violin Tonal Quality," by Oliver Rodgers by H. Dunnwald

Book Review

34 - The Art of Drawing a Violin by Ake Ekwall reviewed by Sam R. Compton, Jr.

35 - Further Commentary and Related Thoughts by Sam R. Compton, Jr.

News and Correspondence

37 - Miscellaneous News

39 - Special Reports of Concert by the Tokyo Quartet, June 6, 1994:


44 - Meetings, Workshops, Seminars

47 - Recent Publications of CAS Members

47 - Necrology

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