CAS Journal
November 1992
Volume 2, No. 2 (Series II)

Table of Contents

1 - Visualizing Complete Violin Modes by Richard T. Miller

6 - Experiments on the Construction and the Function of the Violin by Erik V. Jansson, Benedykt Niewczyk, Lars Fryden

12 - Effect of f-hole Shape, Area, and Position on Violin Cavity Modes Below 2 kHz by George Bissinger

18 - The Effect of Violin Cavity Volume (Height) Changes on the Cavity Modes Below 2 kHz by George Bissinger

22 - The Bowed String Computer Simulated - Some Characteristic Features of the Attack by Knut Guettler


27 - Taking the Sting out of Exothermic Reactions by John L. Miles

28 - Proposed Curved Fingerboard for the Violin Family by Liu Jingye

Research Briefs for the Violin Maker

30 - Source of a Crack by Robert M. Meyer

Book Review

30 - The Health of the Violin and the Viola and Cello by Lucien Greilsamer reviewed by Richard E. Menzel


31 - News and Correspondence

34 - Meetings, Workshops, Seminars

46 - Recent Publications of CAS Members

48 - Obituary

48 - Necrology

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