CAS Journal
May 1996
Volume 3, No. 1 (Series II)

From the President and the Editor

The lead article in this issue, Martin Schleske's "Eigenmodes of Vibration in the Working Process of a Violin," is the first of two papers on the subject; the next will appear in the November issue. We expect these papers to be controversial but eventually to be of great benefit to practical makers. Schleske's papers are well worth the serious study it will take to get a good grasp of their contents. Several revolutionary techniques and tuning concepts are presented here for the first time. They are
There is much to learn from the experiment reported here.

Domenicali's paper presents detailed design specifications for a "Universal Grinding Jig for Violinmakers." We are very pleased that Peter made this available to the Journal because we know from experience how useful the completed jig is. Sharp tools and thorough knowledge of traditional construction techniques and objectives are both essential if a maker is to effectively use the acoustical principles set out in the Journal's research articles. We hope that more makers will offer to share the tools, jigs, methods, and construction objectives they have found useful for producing acoustically and aesthetically superior instruments.

Table of Contents

2 - Eigenmodes of Vibration in the Working Process of a Violin by Martin Schleske

9 - The Aging of Tonewood and Its Effects on Candling, Working Properties, and Acoustics by John Randerson

13 - Ambiguity in A1 - B1 Delta Criterion for Violin Tone and Quality by George Bissinger

17 - The Lower Violin Tailpiece Resonances by Bruce Stough

26 - Just Noticeable Differences in Timbre of the Flute by John W. Coletman

Violinmaker's Forum

34 - Universal Grinding Jig for Violinmakers by Peter Domenicali

38 - Piezo-Film Sensors for Luthiers by Mark French

Letters to the Editor

41 - Response to William Fulton by Duane Voskuil

43 - Comments on "A Brief Summary of A.H. Benade's Wind Instrument Adjustment Principle" by Cornelius J. Nederveen

News and Correspondence

44 -

Recent Publications

46 -


47 -

Mathematician's Corner

50 -Solution to "Stretching a String" by Edward Wall

Book Reviews

51 - Acoustics of Wood bye Voichita Bucur, Reviewer - M. Bariska

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