CAS Journal
May 1995
Volume 2, No. 7 (Series II)

Table of Contents

1 - A Study of White Glue Debasement of Violins by John Randerson

9 - A Practical Approach to the Choice of Tone Wood in the Instrumentsof the Violin Family by Hajo G. Meyer

14 - Tuning the B0 mode in Four New Violins by Carolyn Wilson Field

16 - A Brief Summary of A.H. Benade's Wind Instrument Adjustment Principles by Peter L. Hoekje

25 - A Peg Box Split by Richard E. Menzel

28 - The Violin Bow, Center of Gravity - Center of Percussion by Maxwell Kimball

30 - Letter to the Editor by William Fulton

34 - To Build a Better Violin (Reprinted from Science News) by Richard Lipkin

Violinmaker's Forum

36 -

Mathematician's Corner

37 - edited by Edward Wall

News and Correspondence


44 - Meetings, Workshops, Seminars

46 - Recent Publications of CAS Members

51 - Obituary

51 - Necrology

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