CAS Journal
May 1994
Volume 2, No. 5 (Series II)

Table of Contents

1 - The Acoustical Development of the Guitar by Bernard E. Richardson

11 - The Next Task in Violin Tuning by Oliver E. Rodgers

15 - An Improved Violin Plate Bending Jig by Duane Voskuil

19 - The Effect of the Musical Key on Perceived Violin Tonal Quality by Oliver E. Rodgers


22 - The Effect of Extended Playing on the Tone of New Violins by Mead C. Killion

23 - Recorded Improvisation on the Tenor by Hank Roberts

24 - An Inexpensive Air Resonance Mode Tester by Alan Carruth

26 - Simple Method to Measure Air Resonance Modes by John Miles

Book Review

28 - Art & Method of the Violin Maker: Principles & Practice by Henry A. Strobel reviewed by Robert M. Meyer


29 - News and Correspondence

31 - Meetings, Workshops, Seminars

33 - Recent Publications of CAS Members

36 - Scenes (Photographic) in the Shop of Carleen Hutchins

39 - Obituary and Memory of Sidney Fox

40 - Necrology

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