CAS Journal
May 1992
Volume 2, No. 1 (Series II)

Table of Contents

1 - The Future of Violin Research by Carleen M. Hutchins

8 - Semiempirical Relationships for A0 and A1 Cavity Mode Frequencies for Bowed String Instruments of the Violin, Viola and Cello Family by George Bissinger

13 - Methods of Changing the Frequency Spacing (delta) between the A1 and B1 Modes of the Violin by Carleen M. Hutchins, Oliver E. Rodgers

20 - Experiments on the Relation between Acoustical Properties and the Subjective Quality of Classical Guitars by Felipe Orduna-Bustamante

24 - The Bent Violin Top and Back Plate by William Fulton

28 - The Application of Acoustic Emission Techniques in Wood Science and Technology by Voichita Bucur

32 - A.H. Benade and the Perception of Music by Ian M. Lindevald

Research Briefs for the Violin Maker

37 - The Adequacy of Thin Shell Finite Element Analysis Methods and a Comment on Bent Plates by Oliver E. Rodgers


39 - Violin Soundpost Elastic Vibration by Nancy J-J Fang, Oliver E. Rodgers

41 - Identification of Wood Anatomical Elements by Acoustic Microscopy by Voichita Bucur, Amena Saied, Jacques ATtal

Book Reviews

42 - The Acoustics of the Piano by Anders Askenfelt, ed. reviewed by Hideo Suzuki

43 - Einfuhrung in die Musikalische Akustik by Tamas Tarnoczy reviewed by Edward Wall

44 - The Bowed String by Norman C. Pickering reviewed by James H. Rickard


45 - News and Correspondence

46 - Meetings, Workshops, Seminars

47 - Recent Publications of CAS Members

48 - Necrology

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