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Catgut Acoustical Society

A worldwide organization of friends of stringed instruments

The CAS Story

The Society was founded in 1963 to increase and diffuse the knowledge of musical acoustics and instruments, and to promote its practical applications.

The CAS is best known for its pioneering work in the development of scientific insights and their application to the construction of new and conventional instruments of the violin family.

Its founder, Carleen Hutchins, along with other CAS leaders, developed methods for tuning the free plates of an instrument before its assembly. These methods are now used by violin makers around the world.

Vibration patterns of well-tuned
violin top and back free plates

The CAS Journal

The Society publishes a refereed journal that presents current research. It also includes issues for further exploration and helps connect people with similar interests. Researchers, makers, and students have an opportunity to contribute papers to the Journal. Within its covers, makers find practical applications, techniques, and useful hints.

Catgut Acoustical Society Library (CASL)

The CAS Library contains the most complete repository in the world of writings on the acoustics of stringed instruments. It is a unique source of information for researchers, makers, and students.

In 1992, the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) at Stanford University was selected as the permanent home for these files. The process of transferring the CAS library to CCRMA and the cataloging of its contents is currently underway.

In 1997, we coordinated efforts with CCRMA to create the Musical Acoustics Research Library (MARL), which includes the CASL, but also archives of materials from Arthur Benade, John Backus, and John Coltman. That Web site provides information about the contents of the library.

Creative Collaboration/Membership

Prior to the merger with the VSA, over 700 CAS members shared their ideas through correspondence, meetings, and conferences. Members benefit from the activities of the Society and contribute significantly to many aspects of music. Since the merger, the entire VSA membership is able to benefit from the investigative research being done.

Information on annual dues is available under Membership Information.

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